How to Send AP Scores to Colleges

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When you are preparing to take an AP exam, you may be wondering how to send AP scores to colleges. The College Board makes sending AP scores easy. You can choose from a number of ways, including fax, mail, or online. In addition to sending a score to a college, you can also send an AP score record to a scholarship organization.

Sending an AP score record to a scholarship program is a good idea if you are planning on getting a scholarship. Many colleges accept letters of recommendation, but they also look at your extracurricular activities and essays to make their final decision. A high score on an AP exam can add to your credentials, and a few low scores won’t hurt your chances of admission.

Before you begin the process of sending AP scores, you should do your homework. The College Board offers a range of FAQs and other information on the topic. They also provide a free score send per year, so you won’t have to pay a fee if you are accepted to a college or receive a scholarship.

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It is important to keep in mind the deadlines for sending AP scores. For example, you can send an AP score report to a college using the standard delivery method, which takes five to nine working days. If you are interested in a rush delivery option, the turnaround time will be even faster, taking about seven to fourteen business days.

Students can also self-report their AP scores on the college application. Although this option is not available at all schools, it is common. To self-report a score on the application, you will need to fill out a form with personal details and payment information. This form is usually a PDF and can be downloaded from the College Board website.

Once you have a list of colleges you’re interested in attending, it is time to send your AP scores. Some colleges require official score reports, but most allow you to self-report your AP results. Usually, the ACT and SAT test score reports will have to be sent directly from the testing agency.

While there are many different ways to send AP scores to colleges, you should remember that most colleges only need one score report for a student to be eligible for college credit. As a result, you should only send the highest scores possible to your chosen college. However, if you are worried that your score will not be enough, you can also request that your score be withheld. Doing so will not affect your exam scores, but you can reinstate them later.

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Whether you decide to send a score or not, remember to check with your advisor. Typically, your counselor will recommend that you submit your scores as soon as possible after taking the exams, so that they will be received by the registrar’s office before classes start.

The College Board will give you an expected delivery date. You can also request your AP score record from the Registrar’s office. An AP score record is the result of all your AP exams, and includes the scores from all of your tests.

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