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Free Education! is grass roots campaign to help bring about an alternative, democratically accountable model of governance for education in the UK.

Core beliefs

We believe that there are two main barriers to our education system becoming truly world-beating:

1) Endless political interference from well-meaning government ministers;

2) An inconsistent relationship between education policy and research evidence.

We believe that the current proposal to establish a new College of Teachers presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to resolve both these issues, and to irreversibly improve educational outcomes for generations to come.

Join the debate, sign the petition

This week, we have launched a petition on the government's e-petition website, outlining a number of key proposals relating to the establishment of a new College of Teachers. Central to this is the requirement to uncouple education policy-making powers from the short-term concerns of the party political electoral cycle, and transfer them into the hands of qualified professionals.

An idea that has come of age

Separating education policy from party politics is not a new idea, or even a radical one. In their 2010 manifesto, the Lib Dems had a policy to implement an 'Education Freedom Act', which promised to 'free education from political meddling'. The fact that one of the major political parties had such a policy in their most recent manifesto suggests that this is an idea that has *almost* come of age. Let's take this opportunity to give it a final push!

Campaign aims

Free Education! aims to stimulate debate and build consensus around what an alternative to the prevailing model might look like. Please sign up to our mailing list, follow our Twitter and Facebook pages, and help spread the word.

Free Education! is not affiliated to any union or political party.

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